8400 BHP tugboat,newly built for sale
8400 BHP tugboat,newly built for sale

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  • 2011 8400 BHP tugboat,newly built for sale
  • 1
  • china
L, B, D:
  • 68.60/16.20/7.20
  • 2326
Speed (kn):
  • 12
  • CCS
  • 8400 BHP
  • Built place fujian,china
    unrestricted navigation

    (1)The main parameter
    Build in :china
    Build time :2010
    Infinite compliant
    Speed :12.0KN
    Continuous sailing :3000 nm
    Institute classification:
    ★ CSA Tug,Offshore Supply Ship,Stand-by Ship,Rescue Ship,
    Fire Fighting Ship 1,Water Spraying,Ice Class B
    ★ CSM BRC,CCSDP-1.
    Length : 68.60M
    Breadth : 16.20M
    Depth: 7.20M
    Two columns long:61.00M
    Design draft :5.80M
    Structure draft : 6.12M
    Gross tons:2326
    The main deck parts of the area :460m2
    The main deck unit load:5t/m2
    Parts of the main deck :750t
    Cement tank (bulk cargo volume) :504=200m3

    (2)The main mechanical equipment
    Power: 3089KW2

    Adjustable pulp :Shanghai
    Dynamic positioning system :MEGA-GUARD SERIES DP-1
    Generator power :400KW2 (cummins )
    Emergency generator :90KW1
    Hydraulic steering gear :(75KN)2
    Hydraulic windlass:YMA-40
    Hydraulic drawworks :100KN2
    Hydraulic winch :50KN2
    The crane for Life :3T12M
    Marine fuel hot water boiler :1
    First lateral pushing: 6T2
    Tail side push:6T1
    The guide equipment :Equipped with meet GMDA1 +A2 ++ A3 area for
    Bulk conveying and mud system ;
    External fire ;
    Fire rescue equipment ;
    Click the level with standard
    Living areas: the crew officials said :31 people
    The above specification in the book, explicitly numerical design basis for China
    classification society sea-going steel ships of the 2009 level norms, "and" international
    sailing ships legal inspection rules ", "the ships and offshore facilities of legal inspection
    This ship as a ship for offshore oil project to provide many characteristics of the

    deep water homework assignments service with three ship, sailing in type guardian
    unlimited compliant/offshore compliant.Ships can cruise at low speed on oil platform, near
    anywhere at any time for offshore oil platform wanted, for offshore oil platform to provide
    many materials and materials,Such as; Drilling supplies and equipment, drilling pipe, bulk
    cement, drilling water, drilling mud, fresh water, salt water, fuel and supplies, etc.
    And weighing on homework and large ship was checked and has the level 1 external fire
    ability, eliminate pollution operation capacity, the sea rescue operation capacity (can carry
    200 people were rescued.And to oil storing ship and arrived to carry oil tanker towing and
    fished tubing, and to assist in the homework to oil.This boat has grade 1 dynamic
    positioning system and VDR system (black), automation level for additional ships, mark
    BRC the whole ship CRT system configuration, in the designated place can monitor the
    main equipment working condition, and with the image display.

    Grace Tel:+86-574-87258387 Mobile:+8615957487401

Seller terms:
  • just finishing launching and ready to sale


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