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Westfalia separators OSC50,OSB35, ship oil purifier EURASIACENTRIFUGE@GMAIL.COM
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  • 2000 Westfalia separators OSC50,OSB35, ship oil purifier EURASIACENTRIFUGE@GMAIL.COM
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  • Mumbai, India
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  • Any international port
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  • NET 10 DAYS
  • Reconditioned
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  • EURASIACENTRIFUGE@GMAIL.COM are recognized as the leading supplier of Reconditioned Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi, Westfalia Oil Separator, Centrifuges, and Purifiers. The capacity of oil separator offered by us is around 500 LPH to 20000 LPH.

    We offer Refurbishing | Recondition | Repair | Rebuild and Maintenance.
    We offer start up assistance.


    3 phase liq-liq-solid separation of fuel oil like lubricating oils, furnace oil, biodiesel, transformer, hydraulic oils, Virgin coconut oil etc.
    Purification or Clarification of mineral oils used in marine installations, power stations and many other industrial applications.

    Industries We Serve:

    Bio Diesel Industry.
    Used Oil Process Industry.
    Waste Oil Process Industry.
    Vegetable Oil Process Industry.
    Lube Oil Process Industry.
    Power Plant.
    Chemical Industry.
    Oil & Petrochemical Industry.

    When you order a centrifuge or separator from us, you’ll receive extremely good value for money, first-class quality products and delivery even at short notice.

    EURASIACENTRIFUGE@GMAIL.COM are suppliers and exporters of all kind of ALFA LAVAL SEPARATOR And its Spares.

    Parts for Alfa Laval Self Cleaning Lube oil and Fuel Oil Purifiers

    Service Kits and Parts Available: Genuine and Aftermarket
    Alfa Laval Intermediate Service Kits (IS)
    Alfa Laval Major Service Kits (MS)
    Bowl Service Kits
    Frame Service Kits
    Alfa Laval Worm Wheel, Worm, Gears, Spindle
    Alfa Laval Control Boards
    Alfa Laval Tools
    Alfa Laval Seals, Gaskets, O rings
    Alfa Laval Bowls, Paring Discs,Inlet outlet Parts
    Alfa Laval Heatpac
    Alfa Laval Solenoid Valve
    Alfa Laval Water Transducer WT-200

    Alfa Laval Heatpac EHM Heaters
    Alfa Laval Heatpac SHM Heaters
    Alfa Laval EPC-30 Control Panels
    Alfa Laval EPC-41 Control Panels
    Alfa Laval EPC-400 Control Panels
    Alfa Laval EPC-50 Control Panels
    Alfa Laval EPC-60 Control Panels


    - OTA 2/ OTA 7/ OTA 14
    - OTB 1/ OTB 2/ OTB 3/ OTB 9/ OTB18
    - OTC 2/ OTC 3
    - OSA 5/ OSA 7/ OSA 20
    - OSB 30/ OSB 35
    - OSC 4/ OSC 5/ OSC 15/ OSC 30/ OSC 50
    - OSD 2/ OSD 6/ OSD 18/ OSD 35/ OSD 60


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