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Westfalia separator for Lube oil and HFO purification. Marine oil purifier
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  • 2000 Westfalia separator for Lube oil and HFO purification. Marine oil purifier
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  • GEA Westfalia Separator is a global leader in separation technology whose equipment is found in virtually every industry that processes fluids, including – the clarification of suspensions, separation of solids from liquids, separating liquid mixtures of differing densities or viscosities, extraction of active substances, and the concentration or dewatering of solids.

    Separator Spares & Equipment provides equipment solutions, engineering support, and services following industrial applications:

    GEA Westfalia Separator

    Oil & Gas
    Energy / Power
    Bio Fuels
    Renewables Resources

    westfalia separator spares for OSA7, OSA20, OSA35, OSB35, OSC50

    worm spindle assembly : 2162-3429-010

    worm spindle assembly : 2162-3429-000

    worm spindle: 3033-3420-000

    worm spindle: 3033-3420-010

    worm wheel assembly: 2162-3449-010

    worm wheel assembly: 2162-3449-000

    worm spindle assembly : 2178-3429-010

    worm spindle assembly : 2178-3429-000

    worm spindle: 2178-3420-010

    worm spindle: 2178-3420-000

    worm wheel assembly: 2178-3440-010

    worm wheel assembly: 2178-3440-000

    Toothed Rim : 0021-3811-519

    Toothed Rim : 0021-3811-509


    Westfalia OSA 20 Oil Purifier Separator Centrifuge | Westfalia Industrial Centrifuge | Waste Oil Purifier | Westfalia Centrifugal Separator|

    Westfalia Self-cleaning Centrifuge Oil Purifier Model OSA 20, The device can be used for filter Liquid Solid Purification or as a Clarifier Liquid Solid Method, We have Truthfully Refurbish Equipment with a Ability of 500lph to 6000lph,Physical Clean and Automatic Self Cleaning Liquid or Liquid Solids Centrifugal Separator High Velocity Disk Bowl Centrifuges are Perfect for Application such as Separations Relating Biodiesel Fuel, Glycerin & Biodiesel, Wash Water, Magnesia, Mineral Oil, Metalworking Fluid, Coolant Tramp Oil, & Water and Waste Oils.

    How High-Speed Disk Bowl Centrifuges Work High Speed Disk Bowl Centrifuges appear in manual clean and automatic clean models,

    Westfalia Solid Bowl Centrifugal Oil Purifier Model Westfalia OSA 7, Westfalia OSA 20, Westfalia OSA 35, Westfalia OSB 35,

    Westfalia Oil Separator, Industrial Centrifuge, HFO Purifier, Waste Oil Purifier, Separation Equipment,

    Machine Function:-
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