Selling: How to sell
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2. Create product
3. Post for sale
4. Market your product
5. Complete sale

Sign up

When you list an object for sale, we will publish your contact details. To reduce spam, we don't publish your email.
Our users can contact you through our webmail service. Sign up to sell now

Create product

When you have Signed in, you are asked to select a category. The next page will contain fields for you to describe your product. Accurate and detailed description supported by pictures, documentation and third party inspection reports will generally improve buyers confidence and ultimately your price.

  • Carefully inspect the object
    Note any flaws, wear, or damage. Unless the item's value would decrease with cleaning, remove any dust, stains, or dirt.
  • Take pictures
    A good picture enables potential buyers to see exactly what they are bidding on in a single glance. Be sure to take photos of any flaws or markings. Pictures should be 800x600 pixels, and must be in the .jpeg format
  • Perform third party inspection
    As a seller you may choose to engage a trusted third party to perform an inspection. This may increase the price you receive during bidding. Inspection reports may be uploaded as supporting documentation.
  • Include documentation
    Upload any documentation you have.
  • Set realistic prices
    Your reserve price remains confidential until met by a bid. Be realistic if you want to sell by auction.

    Post for sale

    Once you have uploaded a product, you may post it for sale. Set a starting bid and duration to post by auction.
  • During the auction, the catalog price will not display.
  • Your reserve price is confidential until met by a bid
  • We will automatically extend duration if someone bids during the last ten minutes of an auction
  • If no bids meet your reserve, the object is automatically transferred to the catalog without any surcharge
  • Alternatively, you may post direcly in catalog, with or without an asking price.

    Market your product

    ShipX will market your object online. To maximize your chance of selling at a good price, we recommend that you:
  • Contact potential buyers and inform them about your auction.
  • Promote your objects with links from your home page
  • Monitor bidding from the Auction menu item
  • If no bids meet your reserve, the object is automatically transferred to the catalog without any surcharge

  • Complete sale

    Products that are sold will be listed as orders. From this screen you may select an individual order to review details about the buyer and update your private order information and order status. You may also provide feedback on a buyer to ShipX from the order page.

    You should contact the buyer directly to conclude the sales transaction and arrange for payment and delivery of the sold assets. We recommend using Escrow to reduce the potential risk of fraud.

    If you are unable to complete a transaction with the auction Winner, you may send us an e-mail and an explanation. We will then provide the name and contact details of the two runner-ups.

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