Info: New design
Improved Search
The search bar is improved so you can search on model, make, location, vendor and more. You can even combine searches, search for "crane norway" to get all cranes in Norway.

Easy notification setup
Your search result includes a link so you can easily store your search and get automatic email notification when such objects are posted.

New look
We have introduced front pages for Vessels, Machinery and Equipment where featured products are listed. The looks have been upgraded to include pictures, while we maintain a text only option.

Seller home page
All sellers get a home page with a unique address with contact options and a list of all active auctions and products. This page even includes a link to the seller web page.

Improved integration with TradeWinds
The presentation of objects will be improved and expanded to include products as well as auctions. ShipX listings will display on every online news page - more than one million a month.

Site categories
Our category structure has been upgraded with sub categories so you can easily browse to find what is on offer.

Search engine optimization
Building on high ranking, we have improved SEO rankings in Google through better URLs and dynamic meta data for products, categories and vendor pages. This will make it easier for potential buyers to find what they are looking for.

TradeWinds newsfeed
We have included a feed of the latest relevant news from TradeWinds, and added links to useful sources of information such as currency information, escrow services and translation tools.

and more... we will continue upgrading and developing the site based on user feedback.

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