Zhejiang Evertrust Marine Trading CO.,LTD.
Zhejiang Evertrust Marine Trading CO.,LTD.

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  • Zhejiang Evertrust Marine Trading CO.,LTD.
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  • Zhejiang, China
Company information:
  • Evertrust Marine Trading CO.,LTD, located in Wenzhou, is the biggest shipyard in Qiligang, center area of Huanhua county, where has very easy transportation. Since foundation, the company has been insisting on our service policy "faithfulness & Sincerity", and awarded as a "The first bridge" to domestic & international users by Yuqing city government, being widely appraised as a trustful shipbuilder. For many years, the company has set up closed business relationships to more than 100 shipbuilding companies in and out of China (Mainly partners are in Yuqing, Wenzhou, Taizhou,Lingbo), such as ocean shipping companies, shipbuilding companies, freight logistics companies, harbor & shipping agencies. With several tens of years’ experience in building and repairing varieties of steel ships, the company has strong ability and good basis for building ships. The company is willing to work with colleagues and the community by sincere cooperation, and developing together by join hands!
Service description:
  • At present, the company’s business has engaged with:

    1. Consultation services:
    We provide wide clients with various shipbuilding consultation services zealously. According to requirements of different customers and shipbuilding capacity of local ship manufacturer, we will make out a clear and detailed plan for our clients, covering business negotiation on agency, arrange purchase bill, contract signature in order to ensure the contract has been executed effectively. Nowadays, we mainly undertake design and build of CCS class ocean-going vessels less than 30.000 DWT and inspections of various large-size steel constructions of cargo vessel, container vessel and oil tank vessel with advanced technical methods and instruments.

    2. Ship Trade:
    Public local latest sell and buying information of various vessels and ships, business agency on price negotiation, help client to sign and execute a business contract effectively.

    3. Vessel / ship repair:
    We offer repair, innovation, disassembly of general vessel/ship, and so on.

    4. Leasehold of vessel/ship:
    According to predominance of vessel building and development of market, we offer leasehold of vessel/ship business, including provide business contact information and consultation for whole vessel leasers and partly-vessel leasers.

    5. Ships/vessel service:
    Charge d’affaires on registration, check-in, the examination quality appraisal reports, the ship managements, arrangement of ship crew, the maritime affair inquiry and so on for the domestic trade transferring the foreign trade ships.

    6. Freight transportation proxy:
    Domestic and foreign large bulk cargo marine transportation proxy (Transportation of river sand 300,000 ton from Fuzhou port, China to South Korea every month and marine transportation of coal, steel products, grain from north part of China).

    7. Specialized logistics plan maker:
    The company has had a group of specialized marine transportation, logistics managerial talents, having strong ability to make out the best logistics plan according to customer’s requests.

    8. Business by cooperation:
    Making full use of local shipbuilding advantages and market developing demands, the company will carry out flexible and practiced cooperation with wide customers in ship construction, operation and other projects to be undertaken at the same time the company will also seek financing cooperation with reputable partners for customers (lease & investing companies).

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