Industrial centrifuge, Disc centrifuge, Biodiesel centrifuge, oil purifier, oil separator
Industrial centrifuge, Disc centrifuge, Biodiesel centrifuge, oil purifier, oil separator
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  • 1991 Industrial centrifuge, Disc centrifuge, Biodiesel centrifuge, oil purifier, oil separator
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  • India: Mumbai : Bhavnagar
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  • Reconditioned
  • compeltely re-conditioned machine with guaranty. Alfa laval model : self cleaning mapx-309 bgt-14 oil purifier for use onboard marine vessels: Full reconditioned purifier alfa laval mapx 309 with el. Motor 440v 60hz. Including set of operation tools, gravity disc and manauls. 180 day of guarantee. Previously used in diesel and lube oil purification. Can be used with hfo.


    Our offered MAB 103 is a high speed disc stack centrifuge designed for purification or clarification of fuel oils, engine oils, lubricating oils, and various mineral oils used on board marine installations and in industrial applications.

    Standard Equipment

    MAB 103 centrifugal separator
    Double pump with fittings
    Motor - 440 volt, 60 Hz, 3-phase or 380V/50Hz
    Complete set of gravity disks
    Water supply device
    Complete set of tools
    Set of instruction manuals

    The MAB 103 is suitable for the separation of marine diesel, biodiesel, distillate, lubricating and hydraulic oils. Expected throughput as follows:
    • Marine diesel oil:900 l/h
    • Biodiesel: 900 l/h
    • Lubricating oil: 550 l/h
    • Hydraulic oil: 950 l/h

    Company Introduction

    Dolphin Separation Equipments
    Note: - We don't have any other branches in India Please check company authentication.
    “Supplier & Exporter of Reconditioned Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi, Westfalia Centrifuge separators for marine and industrial application”
    We Dolphin Separation Equipments Group of Dolphin Maritime Services are recognized worldwide as the leading supplier & Exporter of Reconditioned Alfa Laval, Westfalia, and Mitsubishi. Oil Purifiers, Oil Centrifuge, Oil Separator
    For many years The Company is known as the leading Exporter, Importer and Supplier in India.
    The Capacity of our Offered Oil separator / Oil Centrifuges Is around 500 LPH to 20000LPH
    Over the time, we have been able to establish a vast clientele all over the world, by offering our expertise to the clients. Moreover, we deal in USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, and other parts of the world. Our success is the result of the hard work and commitment of the proficient team. Besides, the loyalty of the clients in our venture and products plays as our major building block.
    These units reconditioned and tested under the expert supervision.
    Why Contact to us:
    Alfa Laval Oil Separators, Purifier Centrifuges
    Our Recondition Unit Is 60 to 70% less expensive than a new separator or any other recondition unit. We deliver at short notice!
    Reconditioned Alfa Laval centrifuge for Marine diesel oil, Biodiesel, Lubricating oil, Distillate, Hydraulic oil, Removes Water & Sludge
    The Brand we carry known as following:
    Alfa Laval Oil Purifiers/ Alfa Laval Diesel Oil Purifiers / Alfa Laval Lube oil Purifiers /Alfa Laval Centrifuges
    Industrial oil Separators/ Waste Oil Centrifuge /Lube oil Centrifuge/Diesel Oil Centrifuge
    Fuel Oil Centrifuge/ Bio Diesel Centrifuge/WVO Centrifuge
    Hydraulic Oil Centrifuge /Transformer Oil Centrifuge

    Alfa Laval Centrifuge/Oil Separator Available Model:
    MAB 103B; MAB 104S; MAB 204S; MAB 205S; MAB 206; MAPX 204; MAPX 205; MAPX 207; MAPX 309; MAPX 210; MAPX 313; MOPX 205; MOPX 207; MOPX 210; MOPX 213; MMPX 303; MMPX 304; WHPX 505; WHPX 508; WHPX 510; FOPX 605; FOPX 607; FOPX 609; FOPX 610; FOPX 611; LOPX 705; LOPX 707; LOPX 710
    Westfalia Model:
    (Westfalia Oil Purifiers/ Westfalia Diesel Oil Purifiers / Westfalia Lube oil Purifiers)
    OSA 7; OSA 20; OSA 35; OSB35
    Mitsubishi kakoki Model:
    (Mitsubishi Oil Purifiers/ Mitsubishi Diesel Oil Purifiers / Mitsubishi Lube oil Purifiers)
    SJ 700; SJ 2000; SJ 3000; SJ 4000; SJ 6000; SJ 15T; SJ 20T

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