Alfa Laval oil purifier, Ship oil purifier, industrial centrifuge, MAPX-207
Alfa Laval oil purifier, Ship oil purifier, industrial centrifuge, MAPX-207

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  • 1990 Alfa Laval oil purifier, Ship oil purifier, industrial centrifuge, MAPX-207
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  • Mumbai, Bhavnagar
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  • **For Marine, Power/offshore, Biodiesel/WVO application**

    Alfa Laval MAPX-207 desludger disc centrifuge. Stainless steel/aluminum construction on product contact areas, separator design, direct drive configuration, approximate 10 hp drive motor.
    CAPACITY: 7400LPH.



    Manual Clean & Automatic Self-Cleaning Liquid/Liquid/Solids Centrifugal Separators
    High-speed disk bowl centrifuges are ideal for applications such as separations involving biodiesel fuels, glycerin and biodiesel,
    wash water, magnesol, mineral oil, metalworking fluid, coolant tramp oil, and water and waste oils.
    How High-Speed Disk Bowl Centrifuges Work
    High-speed disk bowl centrifuges come in manual clean and automatic clean models. In these machines, the fluid is continuously pumped
    to a high-speed disc bowl separating centrifuge where subjected to high g-forces (up to 7,500 x gravity). The fluid typically separates
    into a heavy phase (water) and a light phase (oil). The 2 liquid phases exit the centrifuge through separate liquid discharge connections.
    Any residual solids are separated and removed manually from manual clean units or discharged automatically with an automatic self-cleaning
    style unit.
    Machine Application:
    1. Reconditioned Alfa Laval & westfalia oil purifier, separators, industrial centrifuge for removing water and solid sludge from various contaminated oils.

    2. Machine can be used with various like Biodiesel purification, waste oil purifier, waste oil purifier, Engine oil purifier, Quench oil, Lube oil purifier, Virgin Coconut.

    2. Electric motor 3 phase 380/50Hz, 440 /60 Hz . These units are used on marine ships for purification of mineral oils, engine oils, lubricating oils, furnace oil.

    3. Purification or clarification of mineral oils used in marine installations and power stations (fuel and lubricating oils)

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